Sunday, January 8, 2012

What 2012 looks like........

Well I have that never ending list of UFO's, WIP's, PhD's to work on. That will take forever! But I also like to make new ones to add to those list. Yes I do plan on getting more FINISHED, than I did last year, or at least more moved to the "Needs to be Quilted" pile. Which has I think 9 in it right now, and 2 are at the quilters. So I did do quite a bunch in 2011.

This year is going to be a scrap busting year so I want to make:

Orca on the right.

Cartwheel quilt.....tutorial on the left.

Charm Pack (out of scraps)...tutorial on the left.

Hunters Star.....tutorial on the left.

Jewel Box....tutorial on the left.

Paintbox....tutorial on the left. Need me some solids for this one.

Post Office quilt....tutorial on the left.

A Postage Office stamp pic except in my head, it will have embroidered blocks in it too.

Rainbow wheel.....tutorial on the left.

Scrappy X....tutorial on the left, might use this one to go with Rainbow Scrap Challenge (button on the right)

Spider Web.....tutorial on the left.

Wedding Quilt....tutorial on the left.

Wedding Ring Quilt, the John Flynn way, just have to think of what fabrics I want to use. I won't do this one scrappy. I have the templates and the book.

Oh there are many others in my head, plus the Lone Star QAL (button on the right) and the Made In Cherry QAL (button on the right).

Now as soon as April gets here and dear hubby goes back to swing shift for 8 months, power sewing will begin! Till then it is slooooooooooow sewing. Well I guess the dogs are ready to go back to bed, so I will go get a nap in before getting up to start the day.

Besides finishing all your UFO you have plans to make anything NEW this year????

Oh yeah.............almost forgot. I NEED to make a Paris quilt and have it 100% finished to be gifted before the end of May!!!


Dee said...

I'd need to go back to bed after reading your list too! Good luck getting them all done. I took a class with John Flynn once and had a great time. He's actually pretty funny. I bought the book and templates as well.

Barbara said...

What a great list of projects. Very ambitious of you.

Shay said...

I have a head chock full of ideas too but honestly Im too flighty at the moment to settle to any one thing.

That's a pretty amazing list !

QuiltSue said...

Pheww, you're going to be busy!

rubyslipperz said...

A VERY nice list of project-goals! I'm going to just try to hold myself to organizing my scraps and getting one scrap quilt made.

I DO LUV all of the different blogs that are doing scrap priority posts. The ideas are so helpful.


Laura said...

Ha, you are joining everything! Saw you'd signed up on my FMQAL so if you want, I've set up a flickr group :)

Suzanne said...

Whew! Your list is quite impressive. Makes me tired just reading it. I like that "Power Sewing".

Shay said...

I have a huge list of things I'd like to try in 2012 and I'm going to do a couple of quilts from scraps too. It'd be nice to see the bottom of the scrap bin for once!

Your list is pretty amazing...I went and had a squizz at a couple of those projects and am sorely tempted....

P. said...

That's quite a list, but I hope you get to them all! Scrap busting is something I need to do too.

Michelle said...

I am so trying to finish my unfinished projects that I won't even allow myself to look at the tutorials you posted. But boy do I want to! Fabulous bunch of projects!

thea said...

Nice project list!

ANudge said...

2012 will be busy for you, but they will be great quilts.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Now THAT is some list!!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to see it all happen in 2012!