Thursday, March 22, 2012

A great week! (this post is pic heavy)

Two weeks ago I went a dropped off an old desk to my daughter. Got to see Jethro and Ely Mae while I was there. Well the next day, Jethro snuck out of the apartment. GONE! I kinda think maybe he went looking for me. He was attached a little more to me than my daughter. So for the last 2 weeks Ely Mae hasn't quite been herself, and my daughter has been so upset. I would drive all the way over there and look for him every other day when I could, with no luck. Well this past Monday everything was going wrong for her. Someone got sick at work, she worked another shift. Going home there was an accident, took her forever, etccccccc. But all that stuff lead up to her walking from the mailbox, and the exact time Jethro was walking along the fence 25 feet from her front door. She FOUND him. He was soooooo hungry! Poor fatso! Which leads me to this next subject.

Do you ever get that 6th Sense Feeling??? You might be driving down the road hauling butt, come up to a car going really slow. It is just the two of you, on a 4 lane road, you think to your self why is this person going so slow? But yet you don't go around them. Then a mile down the road, there is a cop sitting there with his radar on... Ah Ha. That is why you didn't go around him. The 6th sense was kicking in, and keeping you from getting a ticket.
Or what about when you flip open a book or newspaper and a word or string of words stands out like a neon sign???Do you search for it and try to find the clues as to why that word, or string of words??? I DO! I learned a long time ago to pay attention to those clues. They are there for a reason. Well Tuesday at work, I was hungry before lunch, because I woke up late and didn't get breakfast. As I was cleaning up a bit from all the carriers just leaving I noticed a cake carrier in the break room. I am not a big cake fan, but I was hungry. So into the break room I went. Opened it up and it was leftover green angelfood cake. MMMM I love angel food cake, no matter what color it is. So I cut me a slice. Seen the paper laying on the other side of the table. I go over there and flip it open while taking a bite of cake and the 6th sense kicked in. All I saw as the paper opened was "ANTIQUES"
Ok, I normally just browse the pet section if and when I see the paper. But I learned not to ignore these things, so what could possibly be in the antiques section that I have to have. Well.......

Can you read it? A longarm quilting machine. Yippeeeee. You mean I have to wait till 4pm to call??? It was a very long day. Finally got around to calling around 7pm as I was getting ready to leave work. She says first off, the poles are NOT 100 feet long. It is a misprint. Then tells me to come on over there are a few ladies over sewing. So I leave work, find my way to her house. Her husband answers the door and someone says, HI Ann Marie, I answer back Hi, fancy meeting you her, and then another lady looks around the corner ANN MARIE........and comes running arms open wide, I haven't seen you forever. How are you? I knew 2 out of the other 3 that were there by face as well. Small world. I checked the longarm out, told her I would call her back in the morning, had to wait for dear hubby to get off work, and he is in Key West. Talked to him, and the next morning I called and said I WANT IT! See ya after work. So now I am the proud new owner of a very young Antique LOL> The newspaper put it in the wrong section and everything!

I managed to get it crammed in the other side of the 3rd floor, amongst all the crap that is being stored up there from the kids. I need to go through it all. I have been filling the trash can up. But there is a lot of boxes of stuff up there.

 Didn't take the puppies long to get comfy either. Here is Hershey under the table.
 Riley was flatout under foot! With Reesie guarding the stairs as usual.
 See Riley all stretched out........Lazy dogs, I tell ya. Plain ol lazy.
So after I got it all hauled up 2 flights of stairs and put together. Had to even take the screen out of the window at the bottom of the stairs to get the poles up the stairs. LOL. I loaded up the practice quilt she had on there yesterday for me, and started playing some more. I kept breaking the thread.

Going to have to try a different brand, and see if it helps.
Here is my horrible attempt of feathers. Well I guess it isn't too bad since it is my first try.

 Here is a closer look.

Well I am off to find a bite to eat. Then to find a different spool of thread and practice some more. I have a pile of quilts that are awaiting their turn on the machine too.
So Sam found Jethro on Monday, I bought me a longarm on Wednesday, I am playing the lottery on Friday!!! Wish me luck!


Dee said...

Congratulations on your new machine! One day, I too hope to buy a true long arm. I think it will make it so much easier to finish quilts.

I'm so glad you daughter found her cat too. I read somewhere that only 2% of lost cats ever make it back home, so she's really fortunate. I'm paranoid myself about mine making it out.

QuiltSue said...

What a wonderful antique! I bet you were thrilled with it.

Cherie said...

Wow the machine looks huge!! So great you found yourself one. I've seen some amazing things done with those machines =D

Katherine Ringo said...

OH how fun for you! It is a whole different experience learning how to quilt on a Longarm.

The one I rent (APQS Millennium) she gives me Isacord or Superior thread to use. Lots of LAQ also use Aurifil threads to quilt with - I believe the 40 weight.

When I had my thread breaking like that it was usually because it either wasn't threaded right up top or I was moving the machine too fast for the stitch regulator. You'll get a rhythm down and things will go smoothly after that!

Impera_Magna said...

Serendipity... how wonderful for your daughter finding her Jethro... and how wonderful for you stumbling on the long-arm... love it!

Mrs A said...

Good one you will love it, happy quilting!

Janet said...

I totally believe in serendipity - but heck, I haven't had a long arm walk into my life yet. Rats! Congratulations to you on your find, and your daughter's as well.

Ullhärvan said...

Lucky you! I hope you won in the lottery too!

Sarah said...

How Serendipitous (sp?) - How did the lottery go? I don't see a more recent post...LOL

Elizabeth said...

That is really one of those great things in life that are just so amazingly awesome! Enjoy!

xo -E

scraphappy said...

How exciting! Before long you'll be catching up on all those finished flimsies like a pro.