Thursday, March 29, 2012

The traveling stash..........

Remember when I gave away the traveling stash on leap day............well today is the 29th. So head on over to Stray Stitches and watch for the post to enter today to win it.

Do you wanna know what was in it???
 I put OVER 100 Fat Quarters in that box. Plus another 10-20 yards of fabric. 2 Books, a pattern, some rotary blades. Linda asked me if I sat on the box to get it to close. I told her as a matter of fact I did! I was looking for the pics I took, and can't seem to locate them.

Enter to win!!!!!

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selfsewn said...

thanks for pasting my button on your blog and joining my hexathon!
ps. love your 'leave your comment'
paragraph, I couldnt agree more!