Friday, April 6, 2012

Just 3

Yep that is all I have to do is Just 3. What am I talking about. Tracyjay is having a linky party.

 You pick 3 goals you want to accomplish each month. So for April my 3 goals are:

1. Finish cutting my kaleidoscope one block wonder pieces out.

2. Cut out another part of the twister quilt and get them sewed back together. (I have one of 4 done so far.)

3. Finish my long arm practice piece that is on the frame, cut it up and then get all the new dog mats bound so they can be used. (first I need to find out out to change the needle that I broke yesterday :(  )

This is all do-able. It gives me something to do to. So on those days I get up there, and I am like..........uh, I don't know what I want to work on, or I don't know where to start. Here ya go. 3 things!!!


Emily H. said...

I *love* this idea! I'm going to go sign up now! Can't wait to see your progress :-)

Cherie said...

Great list....when you finish one will you add another or leave it at just those? =D