Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A little of this..................

and a little of that. That is what I have been up to lately. Working too many hours to really get in my sewing room and practice on enjoy the long arm. Or do much of anything. But I have found this cool site, HillyBilly Handiworks and she is putting on a BINGO game. So I am making me a BINGO card! Looks like a lot of fun. Why not. Go over there and see the rules and a tutorial on how to make your card. Oh yeah there are prizes too!!! Then when the game is over, instant mug rug as well.

Also more close to home, vs blogland. I am in a group in my guild and we are doing a Christmas string block swap. Yes I just said I joined a string block swap. You know how much I complained about those while putting together RRCB  Confetti Madness. I actually said way back then I would NEVER do them again! I lied. I have to make 20 by mid May, and as busy as I have been both at work and at home on the weekends trying to finish up the rental house renovation. I figured I had better start now, it will take me that long to get them done. I am working on 5 at a time. The first 5 are finished. Do it again 3 more times and I am good. Woo Hoo. I know some of the other ladies haven't even started.

So then I started to cut some strips for binding some more pot holders, and the Fabulous Duo had to get in the way. Oh I am talking about Merlin n Delilah. They are more trouble than Jethro and Ely Mae ever were. Just as I started cutting the first strip Delilah plops down right next to where I am cutting so I slooowww way down and watch her feet the rest of the way, and low and behold I went off the ruler and cut it all crooked.
So just as I get the fabric all straight here comes Merlin, and attacks it before it even makes it to the floor where I put Delilah.

So then off jumps Merlin and the games begin.

So what do you think of the BINGO game??? Are you going to play too?

Oh yeah the traveling stash was won by Ms Mary over @ Lillian's Stitches, so watch her blog at the end of the month for the next giveaway. The box is still bulging big!

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Richard Healey said...

Love the cats playing some times mine jump up on the table and sit in the middle of what I am sewing good thing i love them.