Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The first day of May...

the other day as I turned the corner at the top of the stairs to take something up to my sewing room, this is what I seen laying in the hallway, turned around and got the camera quickly.  Delilah hanging out in the sunshine in the hallway.

Within a minute, here was Merlin plopped down in his own square.

 They are so funny, and get into all kinds of things no other cat we have owned has done.

My boss was suppose to be gone for a whole nother week, but came back today. Yippee, no more 70+ hour weeks for me, but man my bank account was lovin it! So I only worked 7 hours today, left at lunchtime.

The first of May also brings other things.......May for Me starts today.

What am I working on (since I got to go home 6 hours early from work.) I am finishing up my towels for my towel swap so I can mail them in the next day or so. Here is all 12 of them, all a little different than the others. I even dyed the toweling they are made from too. I bought a whole bolt of white toweling because I couldn't find any yellow towels in town.
I also am working on my Christmas string blocks, we are swapping next week, Tuesday I think. Oh my. I was half done at 10, needing 20 then the email came, we need 21. Someone that signed up and was making them somehow got lost in the shuffle. Strings are cut so are the backgrounds, just have to sew them up. Too many in a short time now. Urgh.

BUT, once the towels are mailed and this swap is swapped. NO MORE DEADLINES! Sweeeettttt!

Well almost none.

 My youngest daughter is getting married, probably next month, before they call her to ship out for the military, so I do have that to contend to. Between the two of us, we should be able to pull this whole thing off CHEAP. We know everyone that we need to know to make this happen cheaply. She works at a restaurant in town that does catering to everyone. So she will go through them, they make anything you want, she should be able to get a good price too.  A guy I work with, (for the past 18 years, he is like a little brother) has a beach wedding business. His wife said she will do the wedding at her cost to us. SWEEETT!!!  Also they don't do receptions anymore, but have TONS of stuff for them, she is going to loan me whatever I need for FREE! My daughter scored a gorgeous white prom dress for $300 the other day, the weekend AFTER prom. They found previous owned wedding bands online for 1/10th of the original cost. From someone else's wedding plans that didn't work out. No photos yet, but I am sure I will have tons next month. Promise!  I don't ever promise anything to anyone either.

I am doing the Ugly Brown Bag fabric swap. Got my name and address of who to send to this week, I already have the fabric picked out, and it will be mailed in the next day or so along with all the towels too. These are the UGLY fabrics I am sending out, when I get mine in the mail, I will show them to you too.

I think I am also signed up for a charm swap too, will have to search thru the email box on that one, can't quite remember. These past 18 days are just a blur. Have done almost zero sewing in that amount of time up until today.

Now it is May for Me. Oh yeah, the BINGO game started today too. Nothing on my BINGO card yet, but I will check every morning before going to work.

I normally blog in the office or the living room while dear hubby is watching something on TV that is OK. But today I actually took the laptop to the third floor sewing studio because I wanted to make sure I had all the pictures I needed for the blog without having to walk all the stairs today, because it is killing my knee to climb. While I was getting ready to be done, I turned around and seen Merlin, like this:
 Crashed out! It is hard to take pictures of them, especially when there is a window behind them. They look like a block blob.

I went to this yard sale the other day, she had tubs and tubs of fabric she was getting rid of, get this for only fifty CENTS a YARD. yessireeeeee.  This is what I grabbed. I am was in dire need of some neutrals. They are white on white, or some with silver glitter ( which I have some, but not enough to do anything with) also with gold glitter (ditto on the silver) I snagged them all, a few blues, two reds and a purple. The dark brown is micro suede, about 5 or 6 yards of it. She said there was 62 yards in all. I quickly and happily paid her $31.00 and walked quickly back to the truck. I knew when I was digging it smelled funny, it wasn't till after work and I got in my truck, YUK, smoker! I walked in the back door and threw half of it in the washer with some vinegar, when that went into the dryer, the other half went into the washer, more vinegar, I had to do 2.5 loads to get it all washed. I only half dried it, and hung it on the line on the front porch to finish it off drying. It smells fantastic now. Even though it stunk if I could remember where it was, I would go see if she had any more leftover. At .50 a yard, you can't beat it. That leopard print on top is slinky fabric, I seen it at JoAnn's a week or so ago for 8-10 a yard, there is at least 2 yards of it.
 I bought this from someone else that wasn't a smoker, paid more money for it, but that is ok. I needed neutrals and they were cheaper than my coupon for JoAnn's. Grabbed the two green ones just because I don't have much green.

Don't forget to come back on the 5th, I will be giving away the traveling stash box, so I can mail that off too. Almost forgot about that been so busy.

Last but not least, I have been working on the rental house a little bit on Sundays trying to get it closer to being able to have it finished and sold too. Dear Hubby's jobs in Utah got posted last Thursday, they come down tonight at midnight. He is applying, and if they want him to report too quickly he will have to turn it down, and hope they post more later on. I still haven't heard anything from out that way of anyone wanting to swap to Florida. I might have to just transfer, and lose all my seniority. We will have to wait and see on all of that for now.


Cherie said...

Goodness me you've been up to an awful lot last month!
Congratulations to your daughter getting all the wedding stuff at low cost prices or Free! =D

Heather and Kathy said...

Congratulations to your daughter on her wedding! I am so thrilled she is getting married! How cool to be able to have so much help with the planning of the wedding and reception! That is just spectacular!

I can't wait to see the pictures!


scraphappy said...

Such a busy month! Congratulations on the wedding. What a lot of fun to put all that together! Love your finished projects. Feels so good to be productive and meeting deadlines! Congratulations.

make.share.give said...

I love how your yellow towels turned out. I haven't got anything on my Bingo card yet, but there's still hope!

Edith said...

Yellow towels are cute, nice to get projects completed. I need to finish a few as well. Good luck with the wedding.