Friday, April 27, 2012

May is almost here.....

May for Me............It means a month long celebration to do what you want and PLAY. I can't wait for it to start. Last week I worked 64 hours, and that doesn't include the hours I went to training before work. I need this May for Me desperately. Do you want to play along?? Link up your blog, and come have some fun. This is what I made that BINGO card for too. Can't wait. Only a few more days left :D

Well the 4 sets of taxes are long done and gone now.

Now I am finishing up my towels for an Applique towel swap I joined way back last year some time. Do you know how hard it is to find towels in a certain color, and 12 of them at that. When I did find them ( hand towel size ) The towels were $9 each. YIKES! I always have loved the toweling kind of towels, so I bought a whole 15yd bolt of that, then dyed the fabric a sunshiny yellow like I was looking for. It is already hemmed down the sides, so you cut to length, and hem both ends. Now I am putting on the flowers for applique. Need to finish them this weekend and get them in the mail to my fellow swappers.

Then I have 11 more Christmas string swap blocks to make before I go to bed on the 7th of May, because we are swapping on the 8th after work, along with a potluck type dinner. So that gives me, lets count........10 days YIKES< YIKES! After this though, NO MORE DEAD LINES! Just working on finishing the remodeling of the rental house when we can. Need to finish and get it sold to help with the plans for Utah, which is all on hold for right now.

So then I can kick back and enjoy the May for ME!!! Well except for helping my daughter plan her wedding that we are working on, withOUT a date. Yessirree. No date has been set, but the wedding is being all planned out, to happen sometime within the next 6 months or so. The dress has been bought, everything else is info, info, info, info. All on a shoestring budget too.


Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

YES you do need May for Me! And I think you can fit some Minutes for me in before then -- take five to play and things will run smoother!
My daughter is getting married this summer too! In July. So much to do!
Thanks for linking up and grabbing the button and writing such a nice post!
Enjoy your day!

Roslyn said...

Shoestring budgets can produce the most imaginatively beautiful events, don;t worry.
Letting you know that I am your swap partner for the "ugly fabric quilt challenge, & boy do I have some UGLY fabric for you LOL.