Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cat scan

Got me a cat scan today........all went well even if you can't tell head or tail in the scan it is all good.

Usually Merlin sleeps on top of the scanner/printer. I guess I left it open yesterday, and he likes this better cuz it is flat and doesn't put a big bump in his side when he is trying to sleep. LOL

Ever have one of those times where it seems the universe is out to get you. I am there, and have been for the past 2 weeks, But I am moving forward with everything that I can. I am not a quitter so pftttt! Let's see, the water heater went out, a few days before everyone arrived for the wedding. Then the day everyone left a tree fell on the house, left minimal damage but did smash dear hubbies BBQ grill to pieces and ruined the patio set too. We got it all off the house, and hired someone to remove the rest of it today. Will clean up the rest of the mess tomorrow. The Big TV broke. All of this in one week. Oh well. Life goes on. I have been handed a week of lemons, so I am having a lemonade party, and everyone is invited!!! We have been getting some stuff done with the renovation, even if all this other stuff keeps setting us behind. Two steps forward, one step backwards.......urgh. Since I am still on vacation till the end of the week, the past 2 days I have found time to go to my sewing room to unwind, since there isn't anything I can do my myself for the renovation at this point. So off to the sewing room I have gone.

First up, I have gotten caught up with Kylie Kenny's mystery quilt she is doing on Facebook.

Then my fabric came in for the charm square swap, and I got them all cut up, now I just have to get to the Post Office, I am on vacation, so I really don't want to go till I have to and I can get paid. So it is sitting on my desk waiting.

Then I have been purging in between sewing and pressing and cutting, gives the body a break. I just need trash pickup more than once a week at this point. Or more than one HUGE can per week. Looks like I am going to have to start hauling stuff to the other house and using that trash can too. I have been doing so good at purging. While trying to clean stuff out, I got sick of the one cutting table in my studio that has been really full of fabric since November when Bonnie Hunter started her Orca Bay mystery. I did the little string blocks and hadn't touched it since. Well, I went on a cutting marathon yesterday for that one. Got most of the table cleaned off. What didn't get cut up for that quilt, I cut it into squares of all sizes and put into the sort buckets I have going right now, so nothing went back into the scrap bins.

First up after I cut all these black and pink squares, I sewed them together, here is the mess of them. This pile is huge.

 Then when I cut them and press them, I get these (sorry the flash washed it out)
 Then when I sew two of those together, using different ones, I get this little 2.5 inch beauty. I think I need something like 224 of these. Tomorrow.............I am done for the day.
 I also cut all these stacks........each stack is about 3 inches tall.

Oh I didn't stop there either. More purging in between of course, it kinda acts like permission to keep going. I am doing the ugly quilt challenge. So I cut all my fabrics up in this stack in the back along with bunches of others. and then some off white in the front *flash too bright again*
 I am making LOTS of these..........:D  Something over 600 if I remember.
 Then the scraps got cut into binding strips, that will all get sewn together in one looonnnggggg piece, and what ever is leftover, I will put it in a pile with the left over red scrappy binding I have. For a future project. I think I cut up something like 20-30 fat quarters total for all this blue, well what was left of them.

 This little cubby used to hold quilt magazines. double stacked side by side. I have flipped through every last one of them and saved what I wanted and the rest went into a bag. Very heavy bag. That will be going to the quilt guild meeting so they can take what they want, and I will see what to do with the rest of them. (Oh that reminds me, I need to go pickup the newsletter and get them put together so I can get them mailed too) I can't remember if there are 20 or 24 cubbies in this shelf unit. One cleared out. I don't know if I can empty any more or not.
I also managed to put together some quilt tops with the backs that I have found to put in the "needs to be quilted" pile, and emptied a chair. Well two chairs got combined. But the chair is empty, that has to count for something, right? I also managed to get all the laundry done today, and got all the bills paid too. The dishes can wait till tomorrow, I am not doing them tonight. Nope, nope, nope. Not gonna happen tonight.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Holy moly girl!!!!! I'm all for the lemonade party!

All that progress and purging makes for one EXHAUSTING post. So amazed by everything you've done.

Dee said...

So was that a month's worth of work or what? I'm exhausted reading all about it. How about a nap now?

Cherie said...

Good gosh! What a load of cutting! You must have been going non stop! Take a break enjoy that refreshing lemonade! =D