Monday, June 4, 2012

Just 3 for June

Well Last month I did get all 3 of my things done. Plus one from April! I also started a double wedding ring quilt for my daughters wedding which is on the 22nd of this month. I doubt I will have it finished, but it is a great thought, who knows. For June what do I want to make for my just 3............

1. Get as far as possible on the double wedding ring.

2. Finish a QOV for a co-worker whose son stepped on a bomb in Afghanstan last week and lost part of his leg, broke all the bones in the other leg. Broke both arms too. He should be in the air flying home to the US as I write this.

3. Get the carpet cleaners and a maid out to my house and get it spic n span spotless clean, so I don't have to do it before the wedding. :D ( I know that is cheating, but hey, gotta do what you gotta do )


Jan-Maree said...

my heart is broken for that young man who was injured in Afghanistan. So good of you to make a quilt for him. He will need all the comfort he can get. In January this year I started Aussie Hero Quilts and we make quilts for Aussies currently serving in overseas. I know how much they appreciate their quilts so I can only imagine how much this young man's family will appreciate your gesture.

Sarah said...

#3 is not cheating if you can afford it and it gives you more time for #s 1 and 2. My heart also goes out to the soldier. I hope he is really on his way home and will have as swift a recovery as possible.

Cherie said...

Hope you manage to finish the quilt in time.
Wow. The important thing is that he's still alive. Great idea to make a quilt.
Wow carpet cleaners and maid service! =D

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