Thursday, July 12, 2012

Granny QAL, or should I say GREAT granny QAL

I have avoided starting any of the Granny square QAL's so far this year.................until now.  Now I am going to join in the GREAT Granny Square QAL.

When I seen a photo over on Pink Pincushion, the last picture in this post.  I knew I had to make this quilt. I have the perfect fabric collection for this quilt. Does that ever happen to you? You have a collection, but don't know what to use it on, or have a quilt pattern but haven't a clue what fabric to use with it. Then Ta-Da! The lights come on and merge to two together and you know this is what you have to do. Well it was one of those moments today at 3am when I read that post. (yes I was up at that crazy hours, waiting for the dogs to be ready to come back inside so I could go back to bed, uh that was almost an hour ago). So since I am off of work today, I will check out that fabric pile I have up there, and possibly have a cutting marathon, and start sewing. I am also getting close with finishing up the geese I need for my UGLY quilt that I am making. A little purging, a little packing, a little sewing, a little pressing, keeps me busy, and keeps me from getting bored too. It would be easier if I had a date when we were moving, so then I could just pack, pack, pack up all the stuff I don't use daily, and it would make things easier for me. I also got to get moving farther along than we are on the other house, so this move can happen. Wish me luck that we finish the section we are stuck on this weekend, so I can hand the house over to the mud man, so I can paint next week, and start hauling ass on this house. I need it done last month, forget yesterday.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

First off; ENJOY YOUR DAY QUILTING! Yes, those 3 AM moments are wondering when (if) they happen.

Second: MOVING? Whoa! When did I miss this news? Building a new house? Or renovating?

Cherie said...

I don't buy in collections, I go for random so that problem never arises!
Granny squares are so much fun to make and super addictive too! You'll be hooked!

Moving gosh you seem to be like the 10th person now! =D