Friday, July 13, 2012

3rd qtr pre linky post

For the Finish A Long, this is my 3rd quarter pre linky post. As I didn't finish anything last quarter that was on my list, here goes this months list. First off, lets see what was on last month.........

So I haven't finished my yellow one yet, still need the binding on it.

I haven't even touched the Turtle Bay one.

The snowman one still is sitting in the chair where it was a month ago.

You can see those three in last qtr's post HERE!

I received in the mail this week the quilt kit for the Quilt for Kids foundation ( go there then click the volunteer button on the bottom left). I HAVE to finish that one and mail it back, so this may be the only thing on this whole list I finish. But it is the most important too. These are the fabrics they sent some 6.5" sq, 3.5" strips to sew together and subcut the sew into 4-patches, an inner border, and outer border and backing fabric too. I have to provide batting, and I should have backing fabric leftover for binding it. Bright colors for sure, right up my alley.

I am adding to the list my Ugly Fabric Quilt challenge that I am still sewing flying geese for, lots and lots of geese. Then I have to start making the other blocks to go in it as well.

I am starting a Tetris QAL, so I hope to have it finished by the end of this quarter. Just got all my charm swap squares back in the mail.

I am also doing a QAL on FB with Kylie, I hope to have that one finished by the end of the quarter too. Clue 4 goes out this weekend. I don't know how many clues there are. This is a pic of clue 3 in waiting.

I am cruising along with the Orca Bay, I doubt I will have it done, but I am putting it on my list anyway. Haven't started the bigger string blocks yet, and I am still pressing all those small hour glass blacks, urgh.

Oh and I am going to start the Great Granny Square QAL too. Hadn't even cut the fabrics yet, we will see. Trying to decide which set of fabrics I want to use, or both. I am a glutton for punishment.

I sure do seem to think I am going to get a lot done don't I??? Probably none of it since hubby goes back to day shift in 2 weeks, and we will be working on the other house every evening after work to get it done. That does have it's priority, but I will still have to have MY sewing time to keep my sanity.

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Cherie said...

A lot of projects to be sorting through there! Try making a schedule to get a certain amount sewn each day =D