Monday, July 23, 2012

Great Granny

Haven't done much sewing the past 4 days because I have spent most of it renovating the other house. It is downhill from here.........yippeeeee. Wish me luck on finishing it soon with NO more problems, and then that it sells ASAP from the time I list it. I need all the good luck I can get right now on this HUGE project.

I did do a little sewing Thursday afternoon, and a little tonight when I got home from work. It resulted in these.

Yeppers Great Granny squares. I had resisted all year long until now. I had a seen ONE quilt on anothers blog recently, and when I saw that one quilt, I knew which fabrics needed to be made into this quilt. This picture stinks, kinda washed out the colors. I can't locate my camera. It has been MIA for at least 2 weeks now. Who knows, it could be buried on my table, even though I did just recently clean it off.

But when you have soooooo many projects you are working on all at once, there are piles of fabric everywhere, and you have to try to keep all the fabrics straight from one project to another. Also at the guild meeting last Thursday, they had challenge projects on the table. You take one home, and finish the project and bring it back next month for the Christmas Fair in November. I grabbed one because I am a sucker, and  all it had was smiley face fabric and poly batting. When I got home I unwrapped it all and it had 2 yards of this fabric too. Sooooo, I should be able to make at least 2 quilts with this fabric I think, along with some of mine and another piece of batting. I did do one block, will show it more when I get going more on it.

Tomorrow is Tetris Tuesday, so look for my block then.

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Cherie said...

Hope everything goes well with the other house!
Great looking Granny blocks!! =D