Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tetris Tuesday week 2

Well it is that day of the week again, Tetris Tuesday! These blocks are so fun to make. My daughter came into my sewing room, and said hey that looks like the game Tetris. I told her good thing, because that is exactly what it is suppose to look like, she replied "Really?????" :D Here is block 2

 And here are the two weeks sewn together side by side. This quilt is so colorful and cheery looking. Now i have to wait 7 more days, this is the worst part of the whole QAL, the waiting.
 Then I made a few more granny squares, but used a different fabric. I was trying to decide on whice block I like better, but I think I might just make them both, and mix them up on the quilt. At the guild meeting I grab a challenge bundle and mine had the 2 yards of fabric and some poly batting, this is the quilt I am making for that challenge. should be able to whip it up before the next meeting.
Well this poor whipped soul is going to bed. Me and my boss had to deliver bunches of mail today, by the time I got back to the office, we were both soaked. I came home ate lunch (late) took another shower, changed clothes, and went back to work. That shower felt sooooo good. My butt is dragging now though. Off to bed I go. More sewing tomorrow. It will come to a standstill next week.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

BOTH blocks are great!!! I could totally see those blocks in an entire quilt, alternating off of each other, checkerboard style.
10:44...you deserve a good night's sleep after the sound of THAT kind of day.

Melissa Corry said...

That is so fun that your daughter recognized it :) It looks fabulous sewn together :) Sorry about the wait :( I waited until Monday to sew up my sample so that it was fair to everyone, and ya, it killed me to wait as well :)

Cherie said...

What awesome looking tetris blocks! If I had the time I would have joined in the fun.
Your granny blocks look so cool with the smiley face print =D

Quilter Kathy said...

Your tetris blocks and your granny blocks are great!

scraphappy said...

Great colors for your Tetris block. It is going to be such a fun quilt. Love the granny squares too. There are so many great quilt alongs and block ideas out there it is hard to kelp up.

Mary said...

Those are both great blocks. Isn't the Tetris QAL fun?