Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SewSewSewSewSew, hmmmmmmmmmmm

Do you hear the humming of the machine going full speed? I have been working it overtime lately. Probably because I am more or less done purging up there, and just need to move the stuff out that doesn't need to be up there. Plus I have so many projects going, I am just keeping them all moving forward so none of them end up in the huge UFO pile. I am slowly pecking away at that too. Main reason is I don't want to lose any pieces if and wen I have to pack up the sewing studio, so I am trying to sew them all together, quickly.

Let's see what I have been up to.

My pink n orange mystery one with Kylie, step 4 was out when I got home from work on Monday, so whipped that step out within an hour.

Then I woke up hour and half early today (Tuesday) (Hershey's fault as usual) so I decided to sew instead of fighting with the alarm clock an hour and a half from now. I stitched, cut, pressed all 100 HST's for the Ugly Fabric quilt challenge. I also cut out all the strips needed for these blocks, and the center squares too. . Then after work I finished the rest of all the flying geese for this quilt too. Now they are ready to be put into blocks, wow this quilt is flying along. (no pun intended). So now I have all the pieces except the corners cut.

This is the first block laid out, ready for sewing ( well, after I trim the geese).
The blocks share the geese as sashing......this should be together in no time. Well except for I hate trimming little bits off, and when I printed the instructions for the geese, they were the wrongs ones, so now all the geese need to be trimmed, urgh.

Then I was ready to go to bed, because I was tired when I came home from it being a nice and gorgeous rainy day. But didn't want to go to bed that early. Then I was trying to figure out what day it was.....Oh yeah, it is Tuesday, Tetris Tuesday to be exact.............OH< OH< OH.....Tetris Tuesday. Off I go to get the instructions for Step 1 for the Tetris quilt a long
and off I went back to the sewing room, and Ta-Da, 30 some minutes later I have step 1 done.
This quilt is going to look so cool when it is done. :D

Wow all this in just two days. Think how much I could get done if i didn't work 50+ hours a week too!!!

Well I think I will go to bed now, before I start purging and packing something. Morning comes a bit early, too early for me lately. What have you been sewing on lately???


Melissa Corry said...

It looks awesome!!! Love it :) And can I ask you, how did you get the little paw print to be next to your blog name up on the tab??

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

With all that was shared in this post, the most exciting part for me is:

You actually placed the final orange square!!!! :) Neither Cassie nor myself had room for it. LOL. Well "played" block dear!

And so much other yummy stuff shared. I'm quite amazed that you have the will power to NOT fight the alarm and get up to use the early non-sleepiness (even if it was Hershey's fault) :)

I really like that "ugly" block too. What size will it ben in the end? 15"?

scraphappy said...

So many quilts in progress. Congratulations on getting the, all moving forward at the same time. Love those geese. So cute!

Cherie said...

Gosh you have a lot going on! Glad to see you making more progress on the 'ugly' quilt.
Great job on the tetris block! =D

Julie said...

I love the tetris. It's so fun seeing how everyone is playing the blocks!