Saturday, July 14, 2012


Wow I was actually home, and actually got to sew during a Friday Night sew In, that never happens! I usually get to sew the other 3 Fridays of the month. LOL. Sew what did I get done.......Well first I took the Quilt for Kids quilt kit, and whipped the entire top together. Went from what they sent me.....
 To the finished top in about an hour. Quick and easy!
Now all I have to do is dig out the batting, and get it quilted so I can mail it back. Since life is about to get 10 times busier than it is already, if that is possible. I will wait to request another one, till I know I have time to get it done and returned in minimal time. Now to move all the projects off the sewing table so I can just free motion quilt this one. It is very small so I think I can do this much quicker that way than loading it on the frame.

After I did that, I sewed more flying geese and then cut out squares to make HST for my UGLY quilt. I am almost done with the geese, then I can cut some strips, and start piecing the blocks together, yipppee.

The camera battery died in hubbies camera, and I think my daughter has mine. So no more pics for this post :(

I de-boned 5 pairs of jeans, only have about 143 more pairs to de-bone.

I cut the fabric for the binding for my yellow quilt and squared up the quilt ready for the binding.

I sewed on the next border on the Christmas string swap quilt. Thinking of what to do to it next.

Fondled the fabrics for the Great Granny QAL, trying to decide which ones I want to use.

Pressed a few more hour glass blocks for the Orca Bay quilt. The pile is getting there.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

I kept hearing "check, check, check" in my head as I read through that AMAZING list of tasks you completed! Wah-hoooo! Progress, progress, progress :)

And HOW many jeans/pants? My goodness!

scraphappy said...

Glad you got sew much done on FNSI! Love your quilt for kids-- great kid friendly fabrics.

Cherie said...

Wow a whole quilt top finished up in no time! Well done. De-boning? =D

Marg said...

Fantastic, finishing a quilt top and all the extras too!

Jennifer W. said...

Wow, you were really busy! Great FNSI result.

Gemini Jen NZ said...

That's a very cool quilt! Well done!

Linda said...

You sure got a lot accomplished in one night. Great job on the quilt top.