Monday, August 13, 2012

Tetris Tuesday #4 (6days late)

Here is my Tetris block from last week, that I finally got around to sewing last night, and then forgot the camera up in my sewing room. I was too tired to go back up and get it.

and here are the first 4 weeks put together.

oh crapola.............looking at this pic there is a mistake in it. Guess me and Jack will have a meeting tomorrow to fix it! Do you see it???

Well after stitching that together last night I didn't feel like sewing anymore, I felt like cutting so I took a huge pile of fat quarters..........150ish that all had a 5inch circle cut from them, and hacked them all up into strips ALL of them totally! Man my wrist and neck hurt when I was done. Guess too much at one time. Didn't get any sleep last night my neck hurt so bad.


Melissa Corry said...

Your quilt is looking awesome!! And nope, I can't see the mistake :)

Cherie said...

Wow that is looking good! Tetris is still so much fun to actually play.

Sorry to hear about your neck. I try to do my cutting whilst taking short breaks. Hope it feels better now =D