Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Helping out victims of Sandy........

There is a lot around blogland and FB too about making quilts to help the victims of Sandy. But this one is a little different, it is to help out the innocent victims, the ones that are left behind and usually not thought of. I am talking the 4 legged kind, the Pets of Hurricane Sandy victims.

Hurricane Sandy has caused the evacuation of many pet shelters and the loss of pets, they need all the help they can get. The Quilt Pattern Magazine is working with to help the animals out. They are asking you to make small quilts that will fin into kennels and shelter facilities for kitties and other small pets in the shelters. There are free downloadable patterns and a list of some of the shelters that need help. You can check it all out here!  Please share this info with your friends so the furry victims can be helped too.

I haven't had time to see my sewing room lately. But I am going to fondle fabric for a few minutes tonight before going to bed, to straighten some shelves out to make all the fabric fit. Also pick out some colors for a few QAL's getting ready to start.

Because a blog post isn't a blog post with out at least one picture I leave you this one to enjoy!

From Sunny (NOT) Florida on a day it almost snowed....really it was sleeting a little bit today. Wish it would have snowed!!!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

No kidding? That picture is legitimate? WOW! AMAZING!

Mrs A said...

I will check out that link and try to help out :) Great photo !