Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just 3 for November.........

Well didn't finish any again last month, surprised?? you shouldn't be. But I WILL get some done this month, because I have deadlines looming very closely so they have to be done. Last month I posted my Just 3 HERE well I am going to stick with the same for this month, because I have to!!! I did get the pretty pile of pink and purple all cut and half sewn, I did get the pink n orange one almost pieced together completely. I have the black, white, and red challenge blocks half done, they are due Thursday after work so I only have 5 more evenings to get them done, so I will be huffing it on those tonight for sure and every day till finished, and the Fair is the 17th, so the other 3 or 4 have to be done by then. Everything else..............well when I get to them.

Bought the tile for the other house today, all 1700 pounds of it. At least that is what the scale on the forklift said as the guy loaded it all in the back of the pickup. Then we had to unload it when we got it to the other house. At least we only had to lift it all ONCE. Whewwww. Well I am off to early vote, then go eat dinner, who knows, maybe get the bathroom tile done before coming home.

What have you been up to?? Any cool sewing projects? Any new QAL's? Are you doing Bonnies mystery quilt this year?, it is EASY STREET!

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Sue said...

I'm in on BH's mystery this year.