Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More stash.......

Well I got not only one more big ol box from Tonya's great deals. But I got TWO in one week!!!

Here is what was in the first box......

 Then the second box contained all these, looks like I have a theme going on from this pic. See the tan-ish one 4th down in the left pile. I must have really liked it, this is the third time I have gotten that fabric!

 This one is my favorite out of this bunch, glad i got 4 yards of it. Now what to do with it?
I am going to have to take all the fabric off my shelves, and redo it all, because I can no longer fit it all on the shelves. I will enjoy the shopping for the next 7 weeks, then I am on a serious fabric diet for ALL of 2013. I started 2011 out with 2 full bookshelves and on a fabric diet, I started 2012 out with 2 bookshelves that were half full, now 2013 is going to start with two bookshelves way overfull and overflowing. So now I have more fabric than I started with 2 years ago..............wow I bought a TON of fabric this year. But I got it all at great discounts that is why. Look for pics to follow in the next week or so of the straightening out.

I finished all 20 of my ladybug blocks,

 I am ready to go swap out 19 of them on Thursday, excited to see what I get in return. Watch for updates on that this weekend sometime.

On other notes, this past Saturday I mowed the yard for the last time this year. As I was taking the last bag of debris to the corner, I got 3 feet from corner, and the lawn mower went BOOMBAMBANG and came to a dead halt........that wasn't good. I yelled for dear husband, he yelled back "What?" I yelled back "I think we have a problem!" He replied, "I heard it" Now he is walking to where I am standing, and I look down at the mower, and said "Oh crap do we ever have a problem, the engine block has 2 cracks in it!!!" He says " uh unh " Looks and says " Damn you threw an engine rod!" Soooooooooooooooo, it was literally the last time I will mow the yard this year while we debate on buying a new engine, or a new lawn mower. That was not on the agenda by all means. Oh well, life goes on.

We went and bought the tile for the other house on Saturday after the lawn mower escapade, and got the two bathrooms almost finished on Sunday. We will get the laundry room done this weekend, and maybe the dining room / kitchen too. We will see how far we get. Laying tile is hell on the knees and the back too. We have both agreed we are getting too old for this crap. This weekend is Veterans Day so we will probably get the appliances and all the doors too, then the only thing left is the molding for the whole house. It is getting there, woo hoooooo! Hope to have it on the market before Christmas. Only 6 months later than originally planned at the beginning of the year.


Karen said...

That's a mountain of fabric you have there!
Your ladybug blocks are gorgeous. Love to see all the ones you get in return.

Linda said...

oooo...love those ladybug blocks!

Linda said...
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Cherie said...

Wow you sure don't kid around when you buy fabric! I've been so good to the end if this year.
I hope your fabric diet works out well.

Glad to hear you're making more progress on the other house!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Love your new fabrics!! I am your 99th follower now! :-)

Claire said...

I love the Ladybug blocks! Looking forward to the finished top.

When I moved I schlepped 12 BIG boxes of fabric. My goal is to empty one this year. I bought it while working as my retirement fabric account. I can rationalize anything.