Friday, May 17, 2013

Lots of going on's

Seems there has been a LOT of stuff going on around here for the past 6 weeks. Not much of anything in the sewing room though, even though I thought when April got here and dear hubby went on swings I would have LOTS of sewing time. Nope..........too pooped when I get home from work, or too many other things to do. Won't bore you with all the little stuff, but our youngest, the one that got married last June......she graduated from Basic training a month ago already. I was going to blog as soon as I got home, and well here it is a month later already, really?!?!?! Someone please slow the time spinner down a tab please!

First off she did not even know we were coming. So she was really shocked when we were there, and very happy too. Here are a few pics out of the couple hundred I took during the week we were gone.

Here they are coming for the coin ceremony.
 This is her flight, the last one of 8.
 Here they all are, standing proud.
See the girl on the right............she is right behind her, you can see half her face.
 and here she is in the she looks so mad!
 Had to laugh at this.....she is standing in line to use the bathroom at Popeyes chicken, and she is standing at ease with her hands crossed behind her back. LOL!
 The reunion with her husband...........
 after the hug, she was like. "Hey what is up with the hat, and OH MY GOD! Look at your hair, don't you remember how to go get it cut?"
 Real food!!! Stuffing her face.
 Now it is time to take care of that haircut situation.Yeppers, most of it came off. Much shorter than he normally gets it cut too.
 Next day. Graduation! Here they are lining up on the field.
 Here comes the parade of flags...........

It is all over! She is done. She is trying not to smile, because she can't move till she has been touched, and we are all standing in front of her just smiling and taking photos, not touching her. LOL!
 Ah, there is the cutest couple, haircuts and all.
 That night a Hockey game. She gets to stay off base later if she goes to it, so we went. Had fun too.
 Here I took a pic of them taking their pic to post on FB.
 Next day Seaworld, the 4 of us got in free. His parents had to pay, but not bad for 6 of us.

 Last day there we went down to the Riverwalk, here they are in front of one of the big waterfalls.
 Here are the 6 of us. His mom and step dad, then me and dear hubby and then she and her hubby too.

This was some of the cool mosaic that was on the wall under one of the bridges on the Riverwalk, I thought it looked really cool!

Now she has left basic training and she is across the city of San Antonio stationed at Fort Sam Houston for some tech school. When she finishes up there in about 3 more months she will be an EMT and some kind of nurse, I can't remember. Then she goes on for more tech school some place else I believe. Her and her husband can't wait till she gets done with the schooling part, so they can be back together, can't blame the newlyweds for wanting that. Next weekend her husband is driving out there for the weekend, and going to fly back so she can have her car while she is there, now that she can finally have it. That was last months vacation, Another one starting this upcoming week. :D Two in a row, I could get use to this.

For the most part the only thing in my sewing room that I did get done, was I managed to get all the Texas teardrop blocks traced, bonded, cut, and now I am matching all the pieces back together with the different colors, so I can iron them down and stitch them all together.  Oh yeah, I did manage to make 28 crazy quilt blocks for our bi-annual Flamingo Swap we do with some of the ladies from the quilt guild too. I forgot about those. So I guess I did get some stuff done. More than I remembered too. I will get pics of all this quilting stuff next time. Hopefully a lot sooner than 6 weeks from now. I can't believe 6 weeks has flown by already. My oh MY!


Kate said...

Awww, I loved seeing the brand new recruits on the Riverwalk! They always looked happy and proud...not beaten down like us old folks. ;) Congrats to her!

Karen said...

Love seeing all the photos. Congratulations. You must be very proud parents.

Amy said...

Proud, Proud Mama :)
Amazing pictures; thank you for sharing this incredible time of your life with us.