Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quilt top finished.

Way back in February I think it was, during our guild meeting there was an announcement for a class. The teacher was a guild member and also one of  "US" our little night time group that always goes to dinner and always goes to sit n stitch too. Bunch of "US" signed up for the class. So did I what the heck, it looked like a cool quilt, and the class was going to be on a Saturday too. The class was for the X-Factor pattern. The class was 2 weeks and 3 days ago. on the 22nd of June. Since then I have been out of town my for MIL's surprise 70th Bday party that never happened. Also it has rained almost non-stop during this 17 day timeframe, flooding rains. There was a holiday in there, the 4th of July. We didn't even get dressed that day it was raining so hard. But I did manage to get to my sewing room a few days out of those 17 and managed to get the entire quilt top FINISHED!!!! Woo HOOOO! Now there was a supply sheet given out a head of time for the class, with instructions to cut up some fabric. I didn't have a clue as to what I wanted to use out of this whole bag I took with me, but when I got there, the fabric spoke to me and said USE ME and ME and ME too. Then I went to sewing. Here is the finished top, after deciding on a whim which fabric to use for the border.

It isn't the best pic, but it will have to do till I can get a pic of it outside in the daylight, while it isn't raining.
During all this cutting, I had leftover scraps......everyone else put them in a "too little to use" scrap bag in class, I saved mine, and here I sewed a bunch of them together, I will put this piece on the back, it is almost wide enough for the entire width of the quilt.
Sorry about the washed out colors on the bottom part of the pic, I should have had the flash off.
Then I did a Bonnie thing and double stitched all my corners, it freaked out the lady that was sitting with me, she thought she forgot to do something. I told her don't watch me, I am making a different quilt. That confused her even more. So I had to explain. But here are my bonus HST's, not pressed yet, of course.

I will press them and add them to my square bucket for now. Not sure where they will end up.

Now to get that Christmas string one off the frame, so I can get something else quilted................I think I may just un pin it, since it isn't speaking to me how to quilt it. When I pinned it on there I had a idea, but since then have forgotten what it was. But hey I did pin it there way back in Septemeber.......yeppers it has been sitting there at least that long waiting for me to quilt it up.

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Dee said...

Glad to see you're getting some sewing done! I like your X-Factor quilt. The pattern looks interesting. We've been inundated with rain here as well. I can't remember the last day it didn't rain. Oh well, my flowers are loving it!