Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My list of pre Q3 for the FAL

I haven't been in blogland for quite some time, but I am trying to get back in the groove, and while reading blogs today, first time in a LONG time. I happened across that it is timie to link up for the Pre Q3 Finish A Long over at SHE CAN QUILT. Sooo since I had the camera out for my quilt top finish, I snapped a few others too.

First I would love to get my finished quilt TOP quilted. The Xfactor quilt

Now these next three there is a story behind them. A good friend, quilt guild member died back in January. Her devastated husband wanted all her stuff gone ASAP as it hurt too much to have it around. Some of our little night group got with her husband about quilting up some of her quilt tops she had sitting around. He said yes, so they went and found 8 quilt tops, and fabric to match as best possible and batting too, and bagged them up. Then helped put prices on everything else to sell in a quilters yard sale. Well I couldn't get up with everyone to pick out which one I wanted to quilt. When I finally got over to one of the ladies house to pick up a quilt, she said ok, you get the hard ones, do you want this one or this one? Oh yeah, then there is this one noone wanted to even consider...............I have all THREE! So for this challenge

Second one I need done is Sarah's Starburst This isn't the best pic, because I flung it over a table piled with fabric scraps

Third that I need done is Sarah's wonky Log cabin
It looks orange and purple in this pic, but up close there are a lot of kinda oriental prints in there.

and Fourthly, the one NO ONE wanted to touch. A gem I think Sarah found somewhere. It is a huge circle the edge folded over once and hemmed. Until I went to post this pick, I never noticed the light "square" in between the dark rows. Up close it all blends together. Before I can quilt this one though, it needs a little fixin.
 All the patches made out of this yellow fabric needs to be plucked out and replaced.

I think the scrappier a quilt is the easier it is to quilt, because it covers up your screw ups more. So I don't know what no one wanted to touch this one. I am thinking it will be the easiest to quilt. I think I have a plan for the starburst one, but I haven't a clue for that wonky log cabin............do you have any ideas????

So my list is short and sweet this time, because three of them HAVE to get done, and the other one would be nice to not add it to the UFO pile at all. :D


felicity said...

Whoa they DID leave you the hard ones, didn't they? What a lovely gesture, though!

If you wanted to get the log cabin done quickly, a swirly all over pattern would work (meandering for example). Or if you wanted to get a bit fancy, you could quilt a flower or a spiral in each of the blocks. Have fun!

Steffi´s Candy Quilts said...

The last one is very interesting. It would be my favorite for quilting, too. Just love scrap quilts!
I'm looking forward to seeing what you will do with the quilts.

Deb A said...

I like the idea of a spiral on the wonky log cabin, but an all over design or stippling would look good too. Looking forward to what you do with them.