Thursday, September 12, 2013


Has it really been more than 2 months since I have even been here???? Well all I can say is I think I have seen the sewing room for maybe an hour since then, and most of it was last night. Guess I need to start making more time to go to my room. It is finally starting to cool off, so that will help, even with the A/C @ 74, it was still toooooooo HOT in my room on the third floor. So wish me cooler weather so I can start sewing again. Maybe in 6 weeks when my daughter and SIL officially move out and take ALL their stuff, I can take over a 3rd and a 4th room on the second floor where it will be much cooler to sew. Then leave the other 2 rooms on the 3rd floor for emergency or overflow stuff. Like quilters have any overflow stuff, HAHAHAHA. So no fancy pics to show today, just letting you know I am still alive and kicking. I haven't even read any blogs either, What have I been doing with all my time???????????


Karen said...

Summer has a habit of distracting us and taking us outside a lot! I also agree that it is no fun trying to sew in a HOT room. Good luck with your plans.

Teresa in Music City said...

Welcome back :*)