Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Q4 Finishes.........at least I hope

I have been trying to link up with She Can Quilt, for the quarterly finish-a-long this year. I haven't succeeded in finishing anything so far. I have been slowly making it to my sewing room lately though, and I am running out of time to get some things done, so here is my list for the final quarter of 2013.

1. The circle quilt for Sara
2. The swirly log cabin quilt for Sara
3. The cool cactus star one for Sara
Sara was a friend and a guild member who died way before her time at the beginning of this year. These are 3 of 8 quilt tops some of us guild ladies are quilting for her husband. I NEED these done before Christmas, and I am running out of time.

I had started the first one, the quilting sucked, I ripped it all out, and now I am going to start all over again. I have been making it to my sewing room quite a bit lately. So now that I have a deadline of another project out of the way (it was last week, I made the deadline) These are the next deadline........counting down the days. I have 57 days, starting the 29th of October. I am starting my countdown then because I do not see myself making it to the sewing room between now and then, busy finishing up the renovation on the other house.


Colleen said...

Those are all lovely quilts - I'm sending you best wishes to get them done in time!

I didn't even enter the Q4 Finish a Long - I felt too embarrassed to list the same projects I listed for Q1, Q2 and Q3! This is just not a finishing year for me!

Karen said...

That is a big task to take on. I wish luck, and a few more hours in your day!

barbara woods said...

hi got your blog from find a friend friday

barbara woods said...

that is a lot of doing before christmas, but i am making 5 quilts and haven't started yet on 3 of them

Janet said...

I hope if I die too early that I will have wonderful friends like you who will finish all my projects. :)