Sunday, November 17, 2013

A new Mystery.......

Woo Hoo Bonnie's new mystery starts in just under 2 weeks. If you feel the need to follow along, or at the least print out the steps for use later, you can follow along too.

Celtic Solstice Mystery! is the name of it.

I need to find me some serious time in the sewing room between now and then. I did find 10 minutes earlier this morning to go pull some fabric for the mystery so here are the colors I am going with this time around.
I don't do orange or green, so I am substituting her orange for red, and her green for purple, and instead of doing a cobalt blue, I am using turquoise blue. We will see how it turns out in the end. It is after all a mystery what it will look like. Now this pretty pile of fabric doesn't include any of the strips I have cut already in the strips baskets, so I am sure I will be adding many many more than just these. Oh yeah, I just noticed, I don't have any background in this pic. Hmmmmm, I will probably use a light tan color, I have lots of that now.

Also I have one of Sara's quilts on the frame, and ready to go. Another one is pinned, and ready for the domestic machine.
Been busy still working on finishing that renovation job. But you know how life gets in the way, that nasty 4-letter thing called WORK too. Then there is always something else that needs more attention that keeps us away, like hubster's Jeep started making this funny noise, so he thought he need oil in the rear end, well that wasn't it, after we took it apart. Found the problem he has a U-joint that is going out. If it isn't one thing it is another. Still haven't gotten the broken sprinklers fixed yet either. Everytime I look there is another one broke too. Trash man broke the last one, snapped it right off/ Oh well, it will get done eventually.

We did get to go on our yearly vacation geocaching and Jeeping in the Ocala National Forest in October and when we came home..............

We are OFFICIAL empty nesters!!!!! DD2 and husband moved to Maryland, she is now stationed at Andrews AFB. She has mentioned you know your not in Florida anymore when you go out to go to work and your car is covered in ice. LOL! This was the morning after I asked her if she had bought ice scrapers yet. Told her she was going to need them in the next few days. Good thing she only works 3 blocks from where they live, so she can just jog to work. Because it would take her longer to scrape that windshield than it does to drive there.

Now that all the kids are gone hubby is moving his crafting man cave into her room for the time being, sonow he has a pink and green man cave! LOL!!!! He says it is NOT  funny, I say lets go buy some paint, he says, nope I will deal with it for now. Ya see, it isn't as easy as just slapping a coat of paint in that room, we have to tear down half the ceiling first and fix it,(A/C leakage does sheet rock no good) then tape and mud, THEN we can paint. We are NOT starting any major projects until the other house is done, so until then I get to tease him about his magenta PINK n lime GREEN man CAAAAAVVEEEEE! LOL!!!!


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Love the colors you have pulled for Celtic Solstice...can't wait to get started.

Quilter Kathy said...

Love your mystery fabrics!

Karen said...

I like the colours you have selected. Bright and exciting.
Have fun!