Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Slowly stitching

Well it has been a little slow going in the sewing room lately. I did get two of Sara's quilts quilted the first week of the month. But I do work at the Post need to explain the rest of that story. I do have one more quilt to go, and it has been a bit chilly up in the sewing room this past week. 54 degrees makes the fingertips a little too cold, and when you can't feel your fingertips, this is what happens when you are trying to piece blocks together.....
yep, grabbed two grey pieces and sewed the side triangle onto them...........where is the ripper now?
So I broke down and turned on the heat yesterday while ironing out the HST for clue 3 of Celtic Solstice

, and within 45 minutes, I was HOT, I had to go turn the heat off. The rest of the house was still a bit chilly ( not as cold as the sewing room was ) but WOW, the heat really warms up my room, QUICK too. So I did the same thing today. I wasn't given too much room to stand at the HUGE ironing board, because hafl of the muddy feet gang decided they were going to squeeze in that small area. This is what it looked like when I looked down.
 then Hershey decided to take up half of the space she had left her head is heavy too!

Then I was warm and ready to start the quilting on the last one of Sara's. I want to drop them off on Tuesday, so I need to get this done, I am running out of time. Well, all loaded,

 now change out the thread..................Where O Where is my black thread???? Urrghhhhh! I know I have 2 brand new spools. I had actually bought them way back in June for my Texas Teardrop quilt, and lost them. Recently found them, and now I need them for this quilt. Urgh! I found 3 sport zippers,

 one of them fits my husbands jacket. Also found my marking pen that I have been looking for for a year now. Found the flowers I was crocheting out of the soda pop tops.

Where O Where is that black thread?? You have got to be kidding me! Looking, and Looking for over an hour. I give up. After another hour looking downstairs, I finally found the thread, but now it is 2 hours later, and almost bedtime. Not starting this tonight, tomorrow is another day. I did get some of those pinwheels for clue 3 done though,

so it is a start on that too. But it has to set on the back burner till that quilt is quilted and delivered.


Cherry said...

Love your colors for the CS! Now that you found your thread, can you come over & find where I safely stashed my thimbles in their special wood box? Wonder what else I'll find looking for them. I also have special help in the sewing room.

Karen said...

We all have to laugh at ourselves with the way we lose things and find others when searching.
Good luck with the quilting.
The pinwheel blocks look great!

Cath said...

At least the muddy feet are lying still, if mine were inside, they would be knocking everything over with their waggy tails. Not perfect with the xmas tree up and filled with glass ornies.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs