Thursday, January 16, 2014

Finish Along 2014 first quarter

What would I like to accomplish during the first quarter of 2014.

1. Finish Sara's quilts, and get them all delivered to her husband. All 3 of them. Deadline I had for myself is past, so I need to get them done and gone, they are holding me back.

2. Get at least 5 Wounded Warrior quilts made from start to finish and given to Linda of my quilt guild. Deadline is April 15th. I have piles of fabric pulled, now to find the time.

3. Finish piecing Bonnie's latest Mystery Celtic Solstice. I have clues 3 & 4 done, barely started clue 1, and haven't touched clues 2 or 5 yet. I am making mine KING sized, so I have a ways to go. Get number one on this list finished, and I wouldn't feel so dang guilty touching this one.

Now if I could find either of the two battery chargers for either of the two digital cameras that both have dead batteries in them, I would be in good shape. Pics to follow as soon as I can find a charger. That is why this is being posted at the past minute. Been looking for them for weeks now. Urgh.  Off to bed I go tonight, it is in the 30's in Florida and my body is feeling achy because of it. One more day of work this week and I start a 9 day vacation, well if you want to call it that. We will be working on the whole house remodel at the other house, and hopefully when the 9 days are over, we have a FOR SALE sign in the front yard. Wish us luck, because we need it, the universe has been against us now for 4 years while we have been working on this project. It needs to be finished!!!!!


Dee said...

I feel for you! I know how renovations can drag on. My husband and I do one each year on the house and it always costs more and takes longer than we think. I really hope this last push gets you to the finish line. Good luck!

Katy Cameron said...

Good luck with:

1) finding the camera chargers
2) completing your list
3) selling your house

And enjoy your time off :o)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your plate is very full! I read that you work at the Post Office. So do I! Keeps one very busy!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!