Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

Do you make resolutions at the beginning of every year?? Do you ever keep them?? Do you ever ask your self why do I do this??  I am pretty good at keeping mine every year. But I also like to be realistic in my goals. I also like to make smaller goals and try to keep up with them. So I am joining in with FIBER of ALL SORTS with the 2014 Year of finishes. Make one goal for the month, just ONE, that you want to finish, and FINISH that ONE goal. So my goal for January is to finish quilting Sara's 3rd quilt,get the binding on it,  and then get all 3 of them delivered to her husband. I wanted it done before  Christmas. I did get two finished, just not delivered. So when I finish picking out the black stitches from black fabric, I can get back to quilting, and I hope I get this done. Her one year anniversary of her death is coming up soon, and I want them delivered. I feel so weighted down with this not done. Pics are on previous posts, as right now I am missing not only one but two different battery chargers for two different cameras that both have dead batteries right now. Urgh! Other than that the only other resolutions I am making is to keep adding more and more veggies to our diet, and hopefully from our own garden this year. Get more sewing done. Didn't get too much done in 2013. I want to do more this year. So what about you, what are your resolutions???

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