Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Catching up on the mystery

I am grand dog sitting right now so I am actually getting a lot of sewing done each night while we go hang out in the sewing room so dear hubby can bring our 4 dogs inside and keep them downstairs. We have one with a mean streak so they can't all be together. What a chore this is turning into. So me and Apollo get a lot of sewing done. My sewing table is counter height and he jumps on top just like a cat. So I have a piece of fabric up there for him to lay on, and he usually takes a nap after a couple minutes of catch the bear that I found, and pushing all my pieces onto the floor. Isn't he a cutie.

 I did manage to get a lot of HSTs done for clue one,

 lots of strip sets for clue three, and bunches of blocks too.
 now working on making the blocks for clue one.

Haven't even started on clue two yet, will get to that soon I am sure. Daughter came back today for three days, then she is gone again for another week

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Vireya said...

Cute dog!

Your mystery is looking good so far.

Karen S said...

You sure do have a house full of 4 legged friends. This one looks very comfy.
Great work on all the mystery pieces. It is starting to pile up.

Karabeta said...

Part of the fun in this mystery is to look at everyone's fabrics and scraps. Hope your dog won't play catch the bear with the panda! Cuties - dog and panda ;-)

Unknown said...

this one looks mighty big for ON the counter..... but one is better than 4 so you are moving forward on your quilt. great work as now that we are on clue three and several hundred units are need for each we know truly this is a Bonnie quilt.

Andee said...

Looking good, doggie looks happy!