Saturday, March 19, 2011

Black, white or red

Ok I have a BOM quilt that is about 8 or 9 years old that is on my UFO, PHD list, and has been moved onto my WIP list now as well. My daughter wants this quilt. It has 12 blocks to it, and when we hung it on the design wall the other day, she said she wanted it bigger than what was on the wall, so I told her we could put the blocks on point, but she would need to decide what color she would want in the other "holes". So I put them on the board today, ( well they all wouldn't fit) with the 3 color choices. I am undecided. What would you use? Black? White? or Red? they will have sashing and corner stones as well, that is why the blocks are so far apart.

I have been playing catch up with the BAP blocks, got 2 sewn together tonight, and 4 others cut out earlier this week. Here is block 11:

I haven't pressed it flat yet, because I got sick of burning my fingers. My irons button to turn off the steam doesn't work for some reason, so I will wait to use up all the water, then press it flat with open seams, because there are a LOT of them that intersect together.

And here is block 13:

Here is blocks 14, 15, 9 & 10 waiting to be sewn....

 When we got home Sunday from Camping and I went to do a little sewing I went and started, and played catch up on the Be Mine quilt along. I sewed all the little "pouches" on Sunday, turned them and pressed them on Tuesday, sewed them together on Wednesday, cut the little patches of color on Thursday and sewed one of them down. Didn't do anymore today, next time I go up to my room I will do a few more of them.

This will be a pillow when it is done. I went ahead and dug through the scrap bins to find me 12 squares that were big enough that went together. Who knows, if I find me a fabulous fabric line that I absolutely  love, I might want to make me a king size quilt like this. This use to be on my "going to make someday " list. These are fun!!!! I can see me doing a king size one!!! Now to find the perfect fabric for it.

Well since I only got 2 hours sleep last night before I had to get up at the butt crack of dawn at 4 am to go into work on my day off, this tired chicky is going to bed. I have lots of cleaning, yard work, and laundry to do tomorrow, and my sis and the her kids are coming by too. I think she said Pizza is for dinner, that is fine, as long as I don't have to cook too. Wonder how early I can crank up the lawnmower in the morning????


Nana B said...

Cuddos to the amount of sewing you have gotten done. The BOM looks great. I have to go with the red: I find that a lot of white doesn't work in a busy house and black shows all those kitty and dog hairs almost as easily as white (I speak from experience). It will be amazing whatever the choice.

Ann Marie said...

I like all three colors. The way you show it here looks good to me! If just one color, I'd go for red. (It's my favorite color.) The blocks look great so the quilt will too.

kwiltnkats said...

Darn it when work gets in the way...never too late to get started on Making Ends Meet...but then you have lots it seems in your bucket list :) How about trying a mostly white background with black for the setting squares. Look for one that reads gray. From the picture the white doesn't provide a spark and the black and red fabrics seem to overpower them. I don't blame your DD these are very nice blocks! Sandi

Mrs A said...

Red, its the only choice! I looove red, i have just chosen red for a border on my latest quilt, it looks good. I think i would be one cranky gal with only 2 hours sleep!

Mrs A said...

oh thanks for your comment too, it made me feel heaps better!

dq said...

I honestly think all the colors are very striking. Is there any way you could put them all in? If you added grey, you could do 1/4 of each color and use them all. I think it would be way cool if you seemed the color changes right where you have them laid out in the picture.

I know, I'm a little off, but I like it.