Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ever have one of those kids.............

That come to you around 11pm and say " Oh and mom, I need 100 chocolate cupcakes for school, tomorrow!" and your like "What?!?!?" They hand you a note as they say " Oh yeah and we have to be there at 7:30am instead of 9am too." It is dated 2 weeks ago.

Well I have been there done that, and tonight....well tonight it was the big kid I am married to. Tells me after 10pm that he needs his last name on all his work shirts, they sent out an email while he was out during those 6 weeks ( today was his first day back at work, yippeeeeeee) saying that first names ONLY aren't allowed anymore.

Hello?!?!?!? where was this conversation 4 hours ago when I got home, or 2 hours ago when I went to my sewing room? I left my room early because it is starting to get hot up there on the 3rd floor of the house, ( no help with the iron and sewing machine going full blast either) I need to find another window fan, or move the one that is up there. The other room up there is a lot cooler.

So back to my room I went, trying to find the embroidery part of my machine. I haven't embroidered anything in 5+ years. Do I even remember how to do this? Wow there was a lot of dust on it. But I got it out, good thing I just organized most of my room, and I put all the embroidery things together.

After 4 shirts I got it perfect and then I quit. He has enough for this week. The first 3 are pretty good, just a few hairs off to the left, or lopsided ever so slightly. I will do the other 10 shirts tomorrow when I get home from work. Why oh why are men just overgrown kids??? Do you have one of these at home as well????

Oh well I did those after I got a few of my other blocks sewn together, no pics today, look for those in a few more days.


Mrs A said...

hehe, yes my kids still do this, the big one included!

Shay said...

Yep this has happened to me with everything from cupcakes, to hemming pants , to costumes. You're sweet for getting at least part of the shirts done with such short notice.