Monday, March 4, 2013

photos in blogs

What program do you use to store and upload your photos to blogger?? I am trying to find something besides picassa. They use to take way too much time to edit the photos to a smaller size to keep uploading for free, and now they make it impossible and even more time consuming. I was trying to do a blog post and uploaded 7 pics to the site, but now I can't find the 7 I uploaded they are not in the file I put them in, they have recently done a lot of changes again, and you can't even scroll through all the pics and see which ones you need to shrink with out clicking and waiting clicking and waiting. So do you use something different? If so what do you use. I have heard you can use Flickr, can someone tell me how? PLEASE!!! I beg of everyone, help me out here please.


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I just open my photos in Microsoft Office Picture Manager. I bring up my photo on my memory stick, select Open at the top, select Microsoft Office Picture Manager, select Picture and then Resize, on the right I select PreDefined 800 x 600 and then OK. Then I save to My Public Pictures and upload from there. I must have a Picassa file but I never go there. I try to do lots at one time.

sophie said...

I have used Flickr for years and like it a lot. Flickr creates versions in multiple sizes that you can download or it will generate the HTML to use to include the selected size in your blog. You can also edit the image (including resize, crop, add text or draw on your image, adjust color, etc.) via Aviary.

Flickr accounts are free, with limits on how many images you can upload per month, or for pay "pro" accounts if you want unlimited space/uploads.

Leo said...

Using flickr is quite easy - your free accoutn will host 200 pictures that can be watched on the flickr page, but the old ones aren't lost so all links to them on your blog will still work.

How to go about it - obviously you need to sign up for an account.
Then you need to upload pictures.

Once they are in your photostream you can click on the pictures which will show you a larger version and on top of that you will find the nowadays omnipresent "Share"-button (it has a little arrow besides it)

Cllick on that and then choose: "Grab the HTML/BBC code"
(below that option you can choose the size - I usually take "Medium 500", depending on how wide your text column is you might have to go for a smaller size, or just resize the picture once it's in bloger)

now that you cpoied the HTML code you have to go to your "edit post" page on blogger - at the top left you have the options "Compose" and "HTML" - click on HTML and paste your code.

to see the result just go back to "Compose"

Good Luck

[ps - I wouldn't upload pictures to blogger, as that eats up your 1GB free storage for the blog pretty fast - better to work with links and host the pictures somewhere else - I guess there is a way to do that with picasa too]

Barb said...

I use the quilt gallery on my computer.

Kate said...

I use PicMonkey to edit and Photobucket to upload. Never had an issue!