Sunday, November 3, 2019

Where has the time gone???

Almost 4 years since I have posted to my blog!   Well, the last time I was here I was in the process of moving from Florida to Utah. Work, Work, Work!!! It is all I have to say. I did finish the quilt top that I was working on 4 years ago. Not too much other sewing has gotten done. A few little spurts here and there. I have tried to get on my blog a few times since I moved with no success and no time to deal with it either. Finally got it figured out, yippee. It is that time of the year again that Bonnie puts out her free mystery quilt.  I did start and get the top done for 2016, I started 2017, was only able to download the clues for 2018 though. I will try and dig those out and post pics later on. The quilt top pile to be quilted is growing. I need to find time for me and the long arm to hang out.

I normally change up the colors that Bonnie picks, either because I don't care for them, or I just don't want my quilt to look like 10,000 other quilts.  But since blue is my favorite color and I have a TON of it in my stash, I might have to stick with her colors. I have been trying to use only what is in my stash now for quite some time. I think I have only bought fabric 3 times in the past 4 years, mainly backgrounds when they are on a good sale. We will see what colors I choose. Sorry, no pics at this time. I will now need to see if I can access my Picasso account too. Urgh.The joys of moving, new computer, new cell phones. Somethings it is nice, but others drive me crazy.

While I am standing in the kitchen, guarding the chicken strips while they finish defrosting, so I can put them in the marinade for chicken jerky, (Just published the recipe) maybe I will go read some blogs. I haven't done that in almost 4 years either!

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