Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Time keeps on flying by at record speed

 It looks like it has been 3 years since I have been on my blog, again. It is so weird how you move across the country and everything in your life changes. I used to sew and blog all the time. Now it seems I don't have time for either. Since my last post, we have had Covid that lasted quite some time. I changed offices where I work. Helped my youngest daughter move from Maryland, to Florida, then from Florida to California. She will be moving again sometime within the next year. Almost a year ago Oct 10th, 21 I ended up in the emergency room, I never knew buying shoes would save my life. While in the ER I had a CT scan that showed 2 huge masses in my abdomen. I had surgery on Nov 4th, 21 to have them removed and a full hysteroctomy at the same time. My uterus was 10 times the size it should have been and my right ovary was 200 times the size it should have been. The ovary was also filled with cancer, but it wasn't ovarian cancer. Mucinous Carcinoma with gastro/colon markers. I had just had a colonoscopy and it was clean so then I had an upper scope, but nothing. Then I had to swallow a camera to check out the small intestine, but nothing. Went and had a PET scan done, but it showed nothing. Then when the results came back from John Hopkins off to have another surgery on Jan 11th, 22 because they said that a lot of times this cancer starts from the appendix. Doc went in and everything looked good on the outside, he checked everything. So I just had my appendix out. They deemed me cancer free. I said for now. They didn't know where the cancer was coming from, and they took out the place it was going to. So fast forward to my 6-month checkup with blood work and another CT scan. I had another tumor already the size of an apple. less than 4 weeks later on Sep 22, 22 I had surgery to remove that tumor and it had grown almost 50% in size in less than 4 weeks. Also, my entire abdomen is littered with cancer, doc said it looks like someone threw a handful of rice in there and it stuck to every single thing in there. I have now been referred to Huntsman Cancer Institute. I am now waiting to hear from them for an appt to meet with yet another doctor to find out my next course of action. Most likely surgery, again. HIPEC chemo is way less evasive. Maybe normal Chemo, which I do NOT want to do. My husband and daughter (who is an RN) tell me I have to do it. Urgh............ I won't stress to much on that at this point since I haven't even talked to the doctor yet about what she suggests I do. She specializes in Mucinous Carcinoma. There are only 11 places nationwide that do the HIPEC procedure and I am lucky enough to live less than an hour away from one of them. Everything happens for a reason, and as my daughter reminded me, this is why we are still stuck in UTAH, so I can take care of this. Then everything will land in place to get back to the east coast. I am due to retire in 2.5 years. I have almost 1 year's worth of leave, so hopefully, I will be able to work the other 1.5 between all this medical crap I have going on. If you read this send a prayer my way. In the meantime, I am going to try and get back to what I loved doing before I moved. I haven't turned a sewing machine on in years. The garden is about done for this year, and it is getting pretty cool outside already. Well, I am off to get myself a protein-filled breakfast since that is what the doctor has ordered. Then try to meal plan today using tons of veggies and little to no carbs or sugar. Trying to starve off the cancer cells. Wish me luck.

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